The best of NLP technology from Google, Microsoft & Facebook, combined with industry leading NLG technology


Learning all the time. Real-time & off-line analytics help the bot adapt to user and process nuances


CoCo is powered by an advanced domain specific vocabulary training model. So every instance is optimized for the process


A powerful workflow engine enables CoCo to go beyond just Q&As. It understands business workflows


Advanced AI allows CoCo to understand a query in context of the previous conversations. Just like humans do

All Channels

CoCo can exist every where. In your app, all popular enterprise and consumer chat platform. Even, Alexa and Google home

Ready stack to Build & Deploy

Not just fancy chatbots, fully enterprise integrated experiences

A complete framework for personalized workflows that work on your data

Enterprise ready architecture & feature sets

  • Integration with CRM & other systems
  • Micro personalizations for user personas
  • A virtual Business intelligence layer
  • Easy integration with your app, website & collaboration platforms
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Good experience design is central to a successful chatbot implementation

Most Chatbot initiatives fail because of lack of focus on design. CoCo execution framework is based on a passionate mix of conversation design and deep-tech

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You need an expert assistant, not a generalist. That's the whole point!

Domain and process specific vocabulary is at the heart of CoCo value-proposition

  • Pre-trained domain models
  • Ability to train with enterprise specific vocabulary
  • Business intelligence via a data interpretation engine
  • Self-learning & proactive communication paradigm
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Fast! From idea to realisation is matter of weeks. Enterprise grade. Feels like human

Aglie, quick deployments & out-of box support for almost everything an enterprise will need. And yet amazingly customised and personalized


Powered by the best in AI & enterprise tech

Optimised for fluid, adaptive & personalised performance by our AI engineers